Friends of the Year of the Garden

Canadian Garden Clubs and Horticulture Societies are invited to Live the Garden Life and share their Year of the Garden 2022 garden project with members and the public. 

If you are a member of a not-for-profit garden or horticulture organization we invite you to celebrate.

What are we celebrating?

During the pandemic, people spent time in their home gardens and balconies getting creative. Now, during post pandemic recovery, it’s time to share your Garden Club and Horticultural Society’s visions, projects and events  with your members and the community.  By signing up your garden project as a Friends Celebration Garden you will be inspiring others and helping them learn from your gardening expertise and success.

Celebration Garden
Share your Garden

Register your Friends Celebration Garden at no cost, by submitting a photo of your garden project or event. Your entry will be pinned on the map (by community not exact location) and you will receive a special downloadable Year of the Garden 2022 Celebration Garden Certificate of participation.

We are looking forward to seeing your Friends Celebration Garden on the map and a picture of your garden appear below. 

Please post photos and stories about your Friends Celebration Garden and tag them with #FriendsCelebrationGarden and #YearoftheGarden2022 on your social media feeds.

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Submit a photo of your Friends Celebration Garden and get a Year of the Garden Celebration Garden Certificate of Participation here
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Identify Your Friend of the Year of the Garden

Download a pdf file of a Friend of the Year of the Garden sign to identify your Friend of the Year of the Garden. Print the file out at home, or contact a local printer to print it out on a weather-proof material.

Downloadable Garden Sign
Founding Sponsors of Year of The Garden