A Garden for Every School

With the return of students to classrooms, garden experiences will be even more appreciated. A legacy for the Year of the Garden 2022 will be to create the conditions and opportunities to have a Garden for Every School in Canada by 2025.

  • The objective are:

    • to cultivate among all young people the appreciation for, and the skills needed for healthy and responsible gardening.
    • to increase the gardening skills of educators and parents.
    • to share Canada’s Garden Culture and inspire its development in future generations.
  • Research suggests a Garden for Every School can result in improved:

    • academic, social, physical, emotional and healthy food-choice benefits.
    • family connections and shared garden skills.
    • student and teacher happiness levels
Celebration Garden

The Canadian Garden Council recognizes there are numerous important organisations with excellent programs to introduce and sustain gardens in schools. Our purpose is not to create new programs but to profile, promote and support existing programs by creating a web-based School Garden Resource Guide to facilitate the connection between schools and organisations dedicated to bringing garden experiences to schools across Canada.

During Canada’s Year of the Garden 2022 we set a goal together that by 2025 every school in Canada has a garden – whatever the nature of that garden is, indoor or outdoor, ornamental or edible.

Watch for more details in the coming weeks as the resource list of programs participating in a Garden for Every School is featured here.

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