Canadian Garden Heroes

Let’s celebrate the Canadians who stand out in the Canadian gardening community

The Year of the Garden 2022 provides us with an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many dedicated and inspiring individuals who, through their leadership, are improving the culture of gardening in their communities.

The gardening community is fortunate to have members who are not just gardening enthusiasts, but people who nurture the community spirit and pass on their knowledge and passion.

This program also highlights the valuable work that gardening organizations across the country do in their communities. Now is the time to choose your Garden Hero and allow your community and the country to honor them.

Selection and submission of the application

We invite you to choose YOUR Garden Hero. Any society, organization or association, any club, garden, gardening or horticultural committee or any group of volunteers and any “garden-friendly” non-profit gardening organization in the country (hereinafter referred to as “garden organization ”) can choose ONE Garden Hero. You are completely free to choose whoever you want. Your Garden Hero will be recognized by the Year of the Garden 2022 as a member of the Garden Heroes of Canada.

Garden organizations are asked to register their Hero on the Year of the Garden 2022 website.

Celebrating Canada’s Garden Heroes

Garden Heroes will receive a digital certificate of recognition as Canada’s Garden Heroes of the Year of the Garden 2022.

The names of the Garden Heroes will be listed on the Year of the Garden 2022 website.

We invite gardening organizations to celebrate their Garden Hero at an appropriate time.

We also invite you to contact your municipality, especially if it has proclaimed 2022 the Year of the Garden, to propose that the mayor or the municipal council celebrate all the Garden Heroes in your municipality.

We know that our gardening culture depends on the leadership of our members and volunteers, so let’s celebrate them!

Please find below some guidelines to help you select your Garden Hero for The Year of the Garden

This could be someone who has been active in your gardening organization for at least a year and stands out in any of the following ways:

  • demonstrates exceptional leadership in furthering the mission, goals and objectives of your garden organization.
  • makes an outstanding contribution to a project or activity.
  • plays an instrumental role in the development and growth of your gardening organization.
  • contributes to the development of the gardening culture of the community.
  • illustrates the mission of the gardening organization within the community.

Canadian Garden Heroes will be featured here soon!

Please return in the near future to see all of the Canadian Garden Heroes.

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