Nathan Phillips Square
Category: Featured Public Gardens and Garden Festivals
Location: 100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

Home to the beautifully landscaped Toronto City Hall Podium green roof, which features a diverse array of plant species and the new Peace Garden, an oasis featuring a diverse collection of plants, grasses, flowers, and shrubs.

Peace Garden:

Echoing the form of two cupped hands, the New Peace Garden frames a lush and intimate public garden focused on the ‘project of peace’ with a restored Pavilion and iconography, all while sloping to cover and acoustically temper a major parking lot exhaust. It transforms a noisy back-of-house no-mans-land into a calm and richly planted destination in which to linger.

Podium Green Roof Garden:

The central courtyard area will provide a multi-use event space for exhibitions, installations, civic events, and spontaneous gatherings.

The plantings in this new garden will provide cooling effects, as well as habitat for birds and insects in the heart of the city. The plant­ings are designed to shift in colour with the changing seasons, providing an ever-changing palette of beauty and colour for visitors to the podium and viewers in the surrounding build­ings to enjoy.

A large tree-planter will provide shade and seating on the new terrace. This area will provide a gathering space with moveable furniture and a future food kiosk to serve the terrace in fair weather

Situated throughout the garden are benches and other seating, with shade structures in key locations, tracking the movement of the sun.

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