Year of the Garden

The Year of the Garden 2022

Passion for gardening has never been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadians sheltered at home and turned their yards into practical and beautiful garden sanctuaries, and research shows that this trend is set to continue. 

Knowing that many novices picked up a trowel with nearly 83% of Canadian households tending some form of a garden in 2021, and in the spirit of celebrating the Canadian ornamental horticulture sector’s centennial, the Canadian Garden Council (CGC) proclaimed 2022 as the “Year of the Garden”. It is an important year for the public to be inspired, entertained, and informed by Canada’s Garden-Family – the thousands of plant growers, product manufacturers, retailers, landscape service providers, horticulture societies, garden clubs, and public gardens from across the nation.

“We encouraged everyone in the Garden-Family, from horticulture professionals to horticulture societies and public gardens, to embrace 2022 as an opportunity to share our passion and knowledge to help more Canadians enjoy the benefits of gardens and gardening”, says Michel Gauthier, Executive Director of the Canadian Garden Council. “We want people to ‘live the garden life’ and think about gardens indoors, on their balconies, in their yards, in schools, at work and in their communities. We want them to appreciate gardens while cooking on their barbecues, traveling on trips, and shopping in their downtowns. We will commemorate Canada’s rich garden heritage, celebrate today’s vibrant garden culture and create legacies for a sustainable future, and in doing so, nurture a nation of gardeners.” 

A Nation of Gardeners

“Canada a garden nation? A nation of gardeners? You bet,” says Alexander Reford, President of the Canadian Garden Council and Director of Reford Gardens – Jardins de Métis. “Gardening is a shared passion from coast to coast to coast. Not only do they allow us to enjoy the flavours and freshness of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, our plants nourish our health and happiness. Our world needs more gardens and gardeners, and Canadians are leading the charge to plant to make a better planet. The Year of the Garden 2022 is a national celebration of what we are and where we are going — a nation of gardeners.”

2022 marks the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association’s (CNLA) 100-year anniversary. “We are very supportive of proclaiming 2022 as Canada’s Year of the Garden in celebration of CNLA’s centennial,” says Anthony O’Neill, President of the association. “Our members are dedicated to providing products and services that contribute to the quality of life of Canadians and the sustainable development of Canada. We also understand that gardening and gardens will be an important factor in the post-COVID recovery; there could be no better time to celebrate Canada’s garden culture.”

During the Year of the Garden 2022, gardeners are encouraged to share their knowledge and passion, and to mentor those just starting on their journey with plants. New gardeners of all ages, and many new Canadians, are looking for advice and to gain a little confidence. 

It’s not too soon to begin thinking about how you might “live the garden life” during the Year of the Garden 2022 at home, work, school, or club, in your community, or while on vacation in Canada. 

The Year of the Garden 2022 legacy will likely be a simple one for many individuals. To learn to “live the garden life” is a rewarding one of participating in a healthy activity, reaping the benefits of eating healthier food and enjoying the pleasures of nicer surroundings. The legacy for Canada has a broader impact: an improved, sustainable quality of life for Canadians through positive climate action, significant health and well-being improvements and positive economic growth.

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