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Keep up to date with Year of the Garden 2022 Ambassadors – top Canadian Garden Communicators – and their views and insights on what is happening in gardens across the country throughout the Year of the Garden.

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Celebration Garden

Year of the Garden 2022 Garden Ambassadors

  • Aida Mustapic

    Language: English

    Specialty: Vegetable gardener focused on growing vegetables in small urban backyard spaces i.e. backyards, front yards and balconies.

    Province: Alberta

  • Albert Mondor

    Language: English/French

    Specialty: Urban agriculture and environmental horticulture.

    Province: Quebec

  • Amy Fogo

    Language: English

    Specialty: Flower Farmer specializing in cut flowers.

    Province: Ontario

    City: Montreal

  • Anne Warbuthon

    Language: English

    Specialty: Therapeutic gardening, mitigating food insecurity issues and founder of the Thoughtful Food Program.

    Province: Nova Scotia

  • Ashley Labrecque

    Language: English

    Specialty: Specialty is soil science.

    Province: Saskatchewan

  • Ben Cullen

    Language: English

    Specialty: fourth-generation urban gardener passionate about connecting and inspiring people with things that grow.

    Province: Ontario

    City: Gormley

  • Brenda Dyck

    Language: English

    Specialty: Guerrilla gardening, seed saving, uppcycling for the Garden, container and balcony gardening & more.

    Province: British Columbia

  • Cauleen Viscoff

    Language: English

    Specialty: Roses, garden design, rain gardens, writing and illustrating plants and flowers.

    Province: Ontario

  • Cendrine Mathews

    Language: French / English

    Specialty: Making gardens more accessible to everyone & biodiversity.

  • Cheryl Losch

    Language: English

    Specialty: Passionate about growing food from seed and teaching others how to grow their own food or flowers.

    Province: Ontario

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