Year of the Garden

Live the Garden Life

With the Covid pandemic and climate change topping the list of challenging news in 2020 and 2021, plan to “Live the Garden Life” during the Year of the Garden 2022. The benefits are many:

Putting some time into your garden, getting exercise and fresh air outdoors, and getting your hands in touch with the soil biome has been shown to reduce stress and make Canadians feel better and be healthier.

Growing food, whether on a balcony or in your backyard garden, is rewarding and also good for the environment. Fresh herbs and vegetables make delicious and nutritious meal additions and help reduce the carbon footprint of the foods we eat.

Every tree, shrub, or flower we plant has an impact on the environment by producing oxygen, creating shade, reducing water run-off, or helping pollinators thrive. As a side benefit, improving our yards contributes to raised property values, too.

As families isolate more, their garden sanctuaries – balconies, decks, back or front yards – have become even more valuable as social outdoor living spaces. 

While international travel may be limited, there are many public parks and gardens that offer safe, and exciting destinations to discover and explore.

During 2022, take the opportunity to help your community. Join a horticulture society, garden club, volunteer in a community or school garden, or help with a community garden enhancement program.

“Live the Garden Life” during the Year of the Garden 2022, and make a difference for yourself, your family and your community.

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