Live the Garden Life

Live the Garden Life

An invitation to make a difference.

Canada was the first country in the world to recognize – by a unanimous consent motion in the House of Commons – a Year of the Garden to celebrate Canada’s rich horticultural heritage and vibrant garden culture today.

Live the Garden Life, a legacy of the Year of the Garden 2022, is a public education campaign developed by Gardens Canada and its stakeholders to celebrate Canada’s garden culture and nurture the future.

father with child in a wheelbarrow

Canadians of all ages, and in all parts of the country garden at home and in their community, visit gardens, and reap the many benefits gardens provide. This is your invitation to Live the Garden Life and Make a Difference by:

  • Gardening at home or in the community
  • Saving money by growing nutritious and delicious food
  • Experiencing the health and therapeutic benefits of gardening
  • Belonging to a garden club or horticultural society
  • Gardening for the environment
  • Inspiring children or novices to garden
  • Visiting Canada’s extraordinary public gardens on Canada’s Garden Route

  • Volunteering in the garden community
  • Attracting pollinators in your garden
  • Celebrating Garden Days in the weeks leading up to National Garden Day on the Saturday before Father’s Day

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