Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

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Location: 58 Wolfe Street, Louisbourg, NS, Canada

Visit all five heritage gardens including heirloom seeds dating back to 1744 in Fortress of Louisbourg! Explore garden paths lined by colourful vegetables, fragrant herbs and flowers. Take a break on one of the many benches and let yourself be lulled by the peace and quiet, imagining what it was like in the 1700’s. Engage with costumed guides as they tend to their gardens using authentic 18th century tools and work methods. Make sure to ask questions and take home some gardening tips for your own garden! 

Explore three potager gardens, also known as kitchen gardens, and notice how they all use the principles of geometric design and mirror-imaging: imitating the famous gardens at the palace of Versailles in France. 

Of course, a visit to the gardens is not complete without saying hello to the many heritage animals on site! Come see the chickens, turkeys, geese, sheep, and goats who call the Fortress home. Visiting with kids aged 5 to 8? Join the Rookie Tour and discover how children lived 300 years ago. 

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man gardening wearing vintage costume

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Heritage animals with costumed woman

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planting garden

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Planting garden

Credit Parks Canada Emily Madinsky

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