Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

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Location: 5925 Provincial Trunk Highway 9, Clandeboye, St. Andrews, MB R0C 0P0, Canada

Head to Lower Fort Garry and explore the different gardens! Stroll past the Monarch garden and spot the chrysalises before the butterflies emerge. Find produce gardens that feature heirloom seeds passed from one generation to another or go for an afternoon stroll along the Victorian flower garden at the Big House.

Visit a “Three Sisters” garden and see firsthand what First Nations peoples, like the Anishinaabe, have been farming for thousands of years. Learn how corn, beans, and squash work together to create a naturally sufficient environment and take home ideas for your own garden! 

Did you know? The tall stalks of corn allow the beans to grow upwards and not be ‘squashed’ by the squash vines! The beans provide nitrogen to fertilize the soil and also stabilize the garden from heavy winds, while the large squash leaves help retain moisture and prevent weeds.

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