August 10, 2021

(Wilsonville, Norfolk County Ontario Canada – August 6, 2021) From corn field to botanical gardens… Whistling Gardens a federal, provincial and municipal multi-award winning privately owned botanical garden, home to several rare and recognized plant collections will be featured in the Canadian documentary, Healing Gardens scheduled for release in 2022.

HEALING GARDENS | A documentary series: This 10-part documentary series explores the healing capabilities of nature — gardens, gardening and unique green spaces — and their transformative powers that provide abundant health benefits to a diverse population with different needs. In each episode we look not only at the splendour of the gardens, but also the souls and stories of healing and transformation behind the people who grow them and tell them. “When you’re busy doing the work, you are never anticipating such an unexpected surprise invitation,” Darren Heimbecker, Whistling Gardens.

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