Québec Vert, the plant and landscape community is a non-profit federation uniting 12 horticultural professional associations in Quebec: plant growers, retailers and landscape and green space professionals. Its mission is to represent and promote the ornamental, environmental and urban horticulture sectors and to foster their growth through a sustainable development perspective. Its action extends to some 6,500 businesses and 1,108 municipalities throughout Quebec. Québec Vert is actively working towards the recognition of the benefits of horticulture and plants. It also works to raise awareness among the population and the authorities on the importance of green infrastructures and urban agriculture.

The Year of the Garden brings Canadians together around a healthy activity that is conducive to the future of our planet. It is a vector of learning and discovery for populations of all ages. More than ever, the interest of gardening is present among all Canadians. Gardening’s benefits on physical and mental health are well established, as well as its benefits for the environment. By allowing contact with the plant world, the gardens are a perfect place for relaxation, healing and sharing within communities.

Québec Vert actively participates in promoting gardening through the promotional campaign “Mettez du jardin dans votre vie” (Put some garden in your life), it manages the municipal classification program Les Fleurons du Québec and the Opération Tournesol program, which promotes gardening among young children.  It also publishes the Québec Vert trade magazine, with a circulation of some 41,500 and aimed at the horticulture sector, its partners and Quebec municipalities. The Year of the Garden will be an opportunity for Québec Vert to strengthen its awareness activities regarding the benefits of gardens and gardening, while promoting the efforts made in this direction by the various organizations in its community.

We believe the Year of the Garden will have a positive impact on Canadians by helping to inform them and getting them involved with gardens and plants, thereby helping their mental and physical health, strengthening their community ties and contributing to the improvement of our environment.

Happy Year of the Garden!