The Garden Club of Toronto

Since 1946, the Garden Club of Toronto (GCT) has pioneered major horticultural, garden-related, floral artistry, environmental and educational projects. True to its vision of sharing the wonder of nature through education, engagement and creativity, GCT stimulates a knowledge and love of gardening among amateurs; aids in the protection of native plants, trees, birds and soil; and has contributed to many major civic planting projects in the City of Toronto.  A registered charity, GCT has contributed close to $9 million in current dollars to all its projects.

To celebrate 75 Years of Giving and Growing and the Year of the Garden, the Garden Club of Toronto (GCT) has just launched a video featuring the gardens it has created over its 75 year history. The video, produced by Iconica Communications Inc, gives a unique perspective on just a few of the garden projects that have helped make Toronto a more beautiful and environmentally-friendly place. Over its history, the Garden Club has invested $9 million dollars in over 50 garden and civic projects across the GTA.

The Club is also launching a new Map App that is intended to act as an aid for the public who wish to take self guided tours of our beautiful green spaces. The Map App can be easily viewed on a cell phone to help visitors navigate their self guided visits to our gardens.