Year of the Garden 2022 PROCLAMATION

March 30, 2021

WHEREAS 2022 mark the centennial of Canada’s ornamental horticulture sector on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association;

WHEREAS the Canadian Garden Council is committed to celebrating the contribution of gardens and gardening to the development of our country, our cities and the lives of Canadians in terms of health, quality of life, reconciliation, inclusion and environmental challenges;

WHEREAS gardens and gardening have greatly help us face the challenges of the COVID pandemic and make it possible to view the recovery with optimism;

WHEREAS Canadians across the country will be invited to commemorate Canada’s garden heritage, celebrate today’s vibrant garden culture and create legacies for a sustainable future;

WHEREAS the Year of the Garden 2022 will engage Canadians with: our garden culture and history; the importance of public and private gardens and our urban landscapes; the health, well-being benefits of gardening; the values and aesthetic benefits of gardens; the positive environmental impact of gardens; as well as the important contribution of horticulture professionals to our garden culture, our quality of life and the economy of Canada;

WHEREAS the Year of the Garden 2022 will be an opportunity for new and seasoned garden and gardening enthusiasts, families, schools, and tourists alike, to go out into their own garden, visit a public garden, and urban park or garden centre, participate in a garden activity or even a festival to stimulate and increase their garden and gardening passion.

THEREFORE, the Canadian Garden Council, endorsed by its nine Founding Partners, hereby proclaims 2022 as Canada’s Year of the Garden and that going forward the Saturday before Father’s Day (June 19, 2022) be Canada’s National Garden Day as a legacy of the Year of the Garden 2022.

PROCLAIMED on the 22 day of March 2021.

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